St. Cecilia's House Assembly

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Friday, 02 December 2011 Written by Daria Mitchell Sorhaindo

St Cecilia’s House celebrated its house feast on Monday 21 November. St Cecilia is the patron saint of music and this assembly was dedicated to all musicians and artists.


This year the house honoured Mrs Alix Boyd-Knights, the Honourable Speaker of the House of Assembly, as a former Caecilian and high achiever of the Convent High School. Mrs Boyd-Knights in addition to her political career is an avid advocate for the rights of women and has won many international awards for her service to women around the world. Moreover, Mrs. Boyd-Knights is an accomplished cook, creator of speciality cakes and a seamstress. Her tenacious spirit, versatility and academic brilliance were areas Convent High school students can emulate.


In addition, St Cecilia’s House honoured Ms Kimone Joseph for her dedicated service to the house as a former House mother while a teacher at the Convent High School.


Other Invited guests included, Mrs Jennifer White, former Caecilian, Mrs. Lucille Blackman former House Mother, and Ms. Jahsewah Havre, former House Captain.


The Fifth formers who rendered service to the house over the past 5 years were also recognised with certificates. They were:

Maya Bannis,

Dominique Butler,

Britany Clarke,

Jelanie Letang,

Jamila Pascal,

Jacelyn Popo,

Judy Toussaint,

Aschel St. Ville and

Kayla Victor


The morning’s assembly was lead by Krista Coipel while Shian Lake opened the assembly with a haunting rendition of “Bow Down”; the history of the saint was read by Deputy House Captain, Shannon Rawlins, after which a group of Caecilians lead by Jelanie Letang danced in praise of St Cecilia. Our House Captain, Dominique Butler, read the Gospel of the day. Following this, Jacelyn Popo gave a very poetic interpretation of Psalm 150; then there were five bidding prayers from students representing the five forms of the Convent High School:

Denieice Joseph- Form 1(Church)

Aliyah Breedy- Form 2 (Nation)

Krisani Irish- Form 3 (Convent High School)

Jernelle Peters– Form 4 (House of St Cecilia)

Kayla Victor- Form 5 (Musicians and Artists)


The icing on this cake was when a group of fifth formers sang “When you Believe” (There can be Miracles) as a prayer for our House Mother, Mrs Sarah Douglas-Perez whose last day it was before she went on maternity leave.


The morning’s assembly ended with a beautiful performance by our school’s band, this was followed by our House’s song composed by the late Dr. Tom Henderson in co with his daughter, Triona Henderson.


May St Cecilia continue to Bless us All!


View a slideshow of St. Cecilia's Feast day Celebrations here.


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