Spanish Day 2011

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Wednesday, 23 November 2011 Written by Adriana Francis

The Spanish Day Assembly was a beautiful flurry of colour. It was attended by the ambassador to the Republica Bolivarian de Venezuela, Carmen Martines de Grijalva.


The commentator who led us in prayer was Shireen Bellot. Jelanie Letang  recited the "Padre Nuestro" or Our Father and "Ave Maria" or Hail Mary. Then a rousing rendition of "Si senor" was led by Mrs. Emanuel and other Spanish students. The bible reading was recited in Spanish by Dahlia Gregoire. The bidding prayers, said by Quanisha Larent, Kezia Carbon, Mindisah Lestrade and Joanna Carette were responded to with "Te lo pedi nos, Senor!".


A Spanish poem was read by four students of form 3-4 and followed by four more students who sung "Mi Vida". A skit depicting two restaurant scenes was performed by form four Spanish students, and narrated by Jawole Joseph of form 4-C. Also, the first formers participated in dance to the Spanish version of "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" led by Mrs. Emanuel. To follow this a group of students dressed in formal wear  performed a Spanish Dance to the school's immense enjoyment. Mrs. Emanuel ended the celebration, and led us in the school song.

The  ambassador to the Republica Bolivarian de Venezuela spoke briefly to the school and bestowed upon the school a vote of thanks. She then presented Tabitha Baron with a medal for wining the Spanish presentation.


To view a slideshow of Spanish Day 2011, click here.

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