Creole Day 2011

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Thursday, 27 October 2011 Written by Alex-Maree Roberts

On the morning of October 28th 2011, the Creole Day Assembly was led my Ms. Lewis, members of the CHS Choir and other members of the student body.


Mrs. St. Hilaire accompanied the choir during the rather musical assembly on her guitar . The assembly was mostly led in patois. Msgr. John-Lewis read the bible reading in patois from Ephesians followed by a deep, thought-inspiring reflection. Then there were bidding prayers said alternately in English and patois, with the response, ‘Merci Bon Dye’.

Following this, a Prayer for the Nation was recited. National songs were sung throughout the assembly. Then a poem by Kadisha Menerville a.k.a Hollywood was read. Next, a medley was led by the choir. The penultimate event was the singing of the National Anthem by the entire school. Finally, Ms. Lewis thanked Msgr. John-Lewis, and the choir for their good work. The students, in their variations of the creole attire were then dismissed.

At 12 o’clock that afternoon, the students gathered outside for special activities. The first formers had a lapo cabwit competition. Then the second formers had a drumming competition in which the form 5-D also participated. The sale of creole foods added a special zest to the event and then the students were dismissed from school shortly after one.

P.S- Bon Journee Creole to Dominicans everywhere and click here to view a few pictures of the day.
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