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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Friday, 14 October 2011 Written by Chedis Joseph

Convent High School celebrated their annual history week this week (October 10th – 14th 2011).  This year’s theme was “Saluting our Cultural Elders” .Thus throughout this week their contributions to Dominica's culture were highlighted.


On Monday the assembly was led by the first formers.  Ms. Mabel Alice "Cissie" Caudeiron (December 20, 1909 – 1968) was the chosen elder of the day. Ms Caudeiron  was a folklorist from Roseau, Dominica. She became famous as a creole nationalist, and is credited with leading or inspiring a roots revival in Dominican music. She founded the Kairi Artistic Troup, and helped to organize the first National day celebrations of 1965.



On Monday,the students were then spoken to by recently retired, CHS Teacher Ms. Marcella Severin, who gave  information on past life in Dominica. She discussed the games she used to play as a child such as “Hoop Saway” and “La Patie.”She said that in those days a shilling, which was 24 pence, could buy a lot. She also mentioned that at school children were limited to only two or three plaits in their hair and that, they used to wear a tie, the colour of their house. She really captured the attention of all the students.


On Tuesday, assembly was led by the second formers and after the usual assembly, Ms. Severin continued to tell about her childhood in Dominica. CHS was visited by the well-known teller of ‘konte’ from Paix Bouche, Mr. Lawrence Brumant. Although elderly, he is still very active and talented. Mr. Brumant told  a joke explaining the difference between 'cow' and 'caw' (cable and wireless), before that, he told his stories of ‘How Dominica got its name’, Pastor Grell and ‘his bread from heaven’ and the difference between an English man and an American man. During the story telling every time he said, “Mesye Kwik!” meaning, “are you with me”. All the students answered enthusiastically “Kwak!” When Mr. Brumant was done both he and Ms. Severin were presented with tokens of appreciation.


On Wednesday, once again after the usual format of assembly, the biography of Ms. Sonia Lloyd, a notable singer and song writer of many Creole songs, was read which told of her being a person from a “musical family”. Ms. Lloyd was then treated to a poem by a student and then returned the favour by singing us two songs. Many students were seen dancing along to the familiar songs. Before singing though, she gave advice to us students and teachers, saying to, “Love God, Love yourself, and Love your country.” Ms. Lloyd was then presented with a token of appreciation by a member of staff. Finally on Thursday, assembly was led by the fourth formers and the late Ma Tou Tou a cultural icon for dance was recognized. Krisani Irish, Kitwani Carbon and Stacy Hill, treated the school to fine 'Bele' dancing.


On Friday, to end this memorable week, the school honoured Chubby and the Midnight Groovers, for their long standing contribution to music in Dominica. The school was given a treat during recess when Chubby actually performed. The entire school body moved to his entrancing melodies and danced to their hearts content. Everyone was delighted at his performance and cheered him on to continue, wanting more of his music.



History week will be forever etched in the minds of Convent High School and Dominica's elders have become beacons leading their nation forward.


All in all History week this year was very enjoyable, entertaining and a learning experience.


View a slideshow of the History Week event here.

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