Sonia Lloyd Honoured as Cultural Elder

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Wednesday, 12 October 2011 Written by Shekina Moise

In keeping with the theme of History Week, C.H.S has saluted yet another “Cultural Elder” in the person of Ms. Sonia Lloyd.  The assembly was led by the fourth formers; the theme for this specific assembly was Wisdom.  The first part of the assembly followed the usual format, with a bible reading from 2nd Chronicles, and response to the bidding prayers: “Heavenly Father, grant me wisdom and understanding.”  Beautiful voices were joined in singing “I marvel at the wisdom of my God.”(song 155)


Following this, the biography of Sonia Lloyd was read, giving account to her background as a person from a “musical family,” a teacher of History for 35 years at the St. Martin’s Secondary School, a lover of Dominican culture and most notably, singer and song writer of many popular creole songs. She is the recipient of many awards including a Special Cultural Award, and the honour of having her portrait as a postage stamp in 1999. In speaking to the school body, Ms. Lloyd decided not to be redundant and speak further about herself but instead offered advice, urging students and teachers alike to : “ Love God, Love yourself, and Love your country.” Ms. Lloyd treated the school to two of her songs, to which several students could be found moving to the familiar beat. Shortly afterward, Ms. Lloyd was presented with a token of appreciation by a member of staff of the history department.



In concluding the assembly, Mrs. Dublin thanked Ms. Lloyd for her participation in the morning’s assembly and urged students to appreciate the contributions of our Culture Elders, by praying for them and allowing them to influence us to make a positive impact in our country.


View a slideshow of the History Week event here.

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