St. Theresa Feast Day 2011

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Monday, 03 October 2011 Written by Siobhan Pascal

On 3rd October 2011 the house of St. Theresa celebrated its 87th feast day. The student body was led in a beautiful and meaningful assembly by Arlene Ferrol and Shannon Joseph. This celebration of the life of this Saint began with a call to worship by Jade Alexander on the violin. This was followed by the sign of the cross, and a few prayers.


St. Theresa was commemorated by her life story being read aloud by Tatianna Corbet; after this, there was a musical interlude while two candles were lighted on a shrine to saint of 'the little flower.' This was followed with a reading from scripture by Cadijah Baptiste who read the day's Gospel: Luke 10: 25-37. The poetic reflection to St. Theresa which followed was done by Jasmine Defoe, while the bidding prayers were done by several first formers and a house mother (Ms. Seaman) to the response--St. Theresa Pray for Us.



But the praises were not clearly over as St. Theresa's choir led us in a melody of 'What a Might God We Serve', and 'This Is the day!' Soon after Shanice Isadore prayed to St. Theresa and all members of the house who celebrated their birthdays on that day were asked to come up. After congratulating the birthday people, Anna-Marie Le Blanc, Colette Ambo,Teri Douglas and others were also congratulated for their out-standing CXC results. The assembly then officially ended with the House Song led by Mrs. Bertha Toulon, retired House Mother and remarks from Mrs. Dublin.


View a slideshow of the event here.

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