Prize Giving Ceremony 2011

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Wednesday, 06 July 2011 Written by Wynante R. Charles


As the curtain closed on the 2010-2011 academic school year approximately 75 students received prizes on July 6th at the prize giving ceremony of the Convent High School.



Miss Andrea Seaman and Miss Sherri Jeffery were the MC's of the ceremony. The ceremony began with the singing of the 3rd stanza of the national anthem which was done by student Rhona Vigilant. The opening prayer was done by Monsignor William John Lewis, chaplain of the school.

Welcome remarks were given by Kaidie Williams, a member of the communications Club. A song entitled I Can Go The Distance was performed by the school`s choir.

The gospel of the day which was taken from Matthew 10:1-7 was done by teacher Ms Gem Eloi. Monsignor John Lewis then did a brief reflection on the reading.

The principal's remarks were given by Mrs. Josephine Dublin, principal of the Convent High School. In her remarks, Mrs. Dublin thanked those who participated in competitions and represented the school. She then went on to thank the different organizations within the school such as the band, the choral speech group, the communication club and choir. According to her, the spirituality of the school has increased over the school year. As a result she thanked those who helped to make this possible. A recommendation was made to students that they make good use of the summer holiday. She told students that they should review, read and take up a good hobby.

Staff, parents and guardians, deputy principals, the P.T.A. executive and others were thanked for their assistance in the running of the school.

While Mrs. Dublin thanked others, MC Miss Seaman prompted that a round of applause be given to Mrs. Dublin for being a great principal.

It was then time for the awarding if the prizes. Mr Nathaniel George, president of the P.T.A., presented the prizes to the students.

Some of those who received prizes were:

4-A: Jelanie Letang for Diligence

4-B: Shania John and Zarisia Aleendor for Steady Application

4-C: Nicaise Robinson for Diligence

4-D: Bryanne Henry (Class Spirit)


3-1: Shawnelle Walsh for Diligence

3-2: Maria Smith (Efficiency)

3-3: Samarah Reynault (Efficiency)

3-4: Jernel Peter (Diligence & Conduct)


2-1: Kristellel Gordon (Steady Application)

2-2: Curdijah Baptist and Lisa Marie Lawrence (Steady Application)

2-3: Lee Ann Benjamin (Class Spirit)

2-4: Sutshaina Desir (Conduct)


1-1: Kyra-Akilah Richards(Steady Application)

1-2: Marisol John (Steady Application)

1-3: Chedis Joseph (Efficiency)

Prizes for outstanding academic performance went to Leah Dodds of Form 4, Maria Smith; Form 3, Joan Wood; Form 2 and Krystal Williams of Form 1.

This was followed by a musical interlude by the CHS school band. The vote of thanks was done by Leah Dodds the student with the highest Form 4 average.

The Dance group performed after with a dance called 'Summer Fun'.  Mrs. Bertha Toulon led the school in the Holiday Song. Then the School Song was sung by Rhona Vigilant.

Students were then dismissed.

View a slideshow of the event here.

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