2011 Graduation Ceremony

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On Wednesday June 29, 2011 Convent High School recognized 85 students at their annual Graduation Ceremony.


Out of a population of 101 students, 85 students met the graduation criteria of the Convent High School and were honoured by their Alma Mater in a glorious ceremony.


The graduates chose the theme: “What lies behind or ahead of us are small compared to what lies within”. This theme ran throughout the entire evening’s proceedings as the graduates were charged with realising who they are within and claiming their inner strength by Feature Address speaker, Mrs. Helen Stevens Marinho, past student and teacher, who reminded them that life is indeed a bed of roses with both soft petals and heady fragrances as well as thorny assaults. While His Lordship Bishop Gabriel Malzaire, Head of the school, exhorted the graduates to seek knowledge and attain strength both physically and spiritually, to respect themselves and fight the good fight towards excellence thus making the difference in a world of mediocrity and to allow God to be their guide. Plus, the Honourable Petter St. Jean, Minister of Education, encouraged the graduates to embrace what lies within each of them in an attempt to achieve their goals in life.


The Mistresses of Ceremony for the evening were Ms Dionne Durand, Mrs Evalina Emmanuel and Ms Dhanelle Cuffy. The evening’s proceedings began with a lusty rendition of the National Anthem by the Convent High school’s band and continued with the Welcome address by the Head Girl Odessa Elie who quoted Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”And reminded her fellow graduates that while they were saying goodbye to the Convent High school they were also saying hello to bigger and better things in life, to more difficult work and to a number of new faces and certainly to maturity

Furthermore, the graduates were awarded their Diplomas and numerous other awards for their excellence in various subjects, Steady Application, School Spirit, Punctuality and Regular Attendance as well as Conduct, Deportment, Leadership and House Spirit. In addition, the community, donors and benefactors recognized the graduates’ achievements and presented them with special awards. The Student with the Highest Academic Average was April Jules and she was honoured with a plaque donated by The Honourable Mr. Norris and Mrs Prevost. Other top achievers were: Ms. Jeanelle Brisbane, Ms. DIane Charles, Ms. Odessa Elie, and Ms Ziyan Wu among many others who are listed in our awards list.


Subsequent to this, the top Achievers of the 2010 CSEC examinations were also lauded: Yende Grell, Sevra Makeda McKenzie and Karyncia Joseph.


Following this, the audience was treated by a Musical Interlude showcasing the many talents of the Convent High School girls- the CHS Choral Speech group, comprising only the graduates, performed “If” by Rudyard Kipling, while the School Band created the ambiance with “The Blue Danube”. The graduating class left the audience enchanted by a rendition by Bill Munroe’s- Give me Wings to Fly.


The highlight of this evening’s proceedings was the Valedictorian’s Address done by Ms. April Jules. Ms. Jules thanked the Catholic Church for their invaluable contributions to the school as well as parents, guardians and teachers for their unfailing support over the years. Moreover, she thanked The Ministry of Education and the corporate community as well as the benefactors of the Convent High School for their generous financial support to students. In a special way Ms. Jules thanked her sponsors the Dominica Co-operative Societies League Limited, for awarding her the Jeoffre Robinson Memorial scholarship throughout her five years of high school. She also paid tribute to her classmate Ms Shireen Bellot who could not complete her Fifth Form year due to a rare illness that necessitated the amputation of a leg thus making her unable to continue in fifth form. She saluted Ms Bellot for her bravery and the example she set for the rest of her classmates as they were now able to see in action what fighting the good fight meant and thus followed suit.


Additionally, Ms. Jules left her fellow graduates with much to ponder on as well as implement in their lives. In keeping with the theme, Ms. Jules reminded the girls that what lies behind or ahead are indeed small matters and,


“What lies within us makes us who we are now, and are stepping stones for who we are becoming. These must be based on God, and should encourage us to seek His Will for us. This makes what lies within more important than what lies behind or before us. Therefore my sisters, let us focus on building our characters, strengths, morals, and skills, using the things that are of God.”


The graduates were encouraged to grasp every opportunity as “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”quoted from Winston Churchill, famous British politician and statesman; and to become the leaders of tomorrow as stated in the Convent High School’s Song and indeed to remember that Labor Omnia Vincit, effort conquers all.


The evening’s proceedings ended with the School’s Song followed by the procession of graduates to Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance”.


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