Career Day 2011

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Thursday, 09 June 2011 Written by Wynante Charles

Dim lights, sugary sweets, globs of blood, court sessions, live concerts and loan applications; Career day had it all.


Yes! June 9, 2011 was the Career day of the Convent High School's 3rd formers. They showed each other and the rest of the school body different careers they were interested in or wanted to explored.


There were many displays of a variety of careers. These included:

Forensic Science which contained the sub-fields Forensic pathology, Forensic anthropology, Criminal investigation, criminology and just your plain forensic scientist. Their display included a crime scene, a headless skeleton and a dead body! Medicine also contained different subfields including, sports doctor, pediatrician and neurology. They had an interactive game which was conducted by the neurologist.


The accountants displayed a bank which included its own waiting room and a walk through into securing a loan. Nurses took the stage with interactive blood pressure testing. Reporters and Journalists were also present and the Journalists displayed their talents by distributing their own newspaper entitled, The Convent Chronicle.


Cosmetology was a big hit with the convent students. Astronomy and Astrology also had a great impact.  Marine biologists, Chemists, Lab Technicians, Veterinary Scientists, Geologists, Archeologists, Engineers, Music production, Performing arts- singing, Law, Video Game Designers, Dance, Culinary Arts and Education were also on display. Wedding planning also had the students amazed.


However, Interior Designing with the theme 'Candy Land' stole the taste buds of students. The creators of this display had food on sale while music was played in the background.They were colourful and fun. Fashion Design displayed a wonderful talent show which the whole school enjoyed. This fashion show contained a beautiful selection of clothing and even had a cute dog from the Veterinary Sciences for more effect.



All displays and students were judged as part of the Health and Family Life Education curriculum. Many expressed their satisfactory and enjoyment about this year`s career day. The students were dressed according to their different fields and looked very neat and professional. Everyone is waiting for next year's Career Day to come around.

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