Family Adventure Hike- Segment 2 - Waitukubuli National Trails

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Sunday, 05 June 2011 Written by Siobhan M. Pascal

On Saturday 4th June 2011, the girls of Convent High School, along with teachers, family and friends, embarked on a six hour hike- Segment 2 of the Waitukubuli National trails, from Soufriere to Bellevue Chopin. The group consisted of roughly 200 people. The hikers were given three options - Soufriere to Tete Morne, Tete Morne to Bellevue Chopin, or Soufriere to Bellevue Chopin.


From as early as 6:00am the masses of hikers began to appear at Convent High School. They wore green, yellow, baby blue, royal, blue and white t-shirts that had been especially made for this hike to the Waitukubuli trail. The buses left the school grounds at precisely 6:30am, and after brief instructions from Mr. Michael Eugene, the hikers began the trail at 7:10am.  The hikers were split into four groups, each group with their own guides. However, it was sad to say that it seemed the guides had a hard time keeping up with the energetic hikers. The Second Segment of the Waitukubuli National Trail had 95 sectors, to be completed. Fortunately except for a few slips, and falls, no one sustained any serious injuries. The hike was an invigorating exercise and was a welcome break especially for the third formers from the stress of third term.

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