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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Monday, 21 March 2011 Written by Tatiana Corbette

On Tuesday March 15th, 32 second formers and three teachers of the Convent High School, went on a tour of the Caribbean Princess cruise ship.


Once aboard the cruise ship, we were placed into two groups. The groups were taken to see a casino, spa and gym. We were also taken to the theater even bigger than the 'Arawak House of Culture'. We saw the family pool and the pool 'for kids only' where there was a big screen TV playing the movie 'Tangled'. There was even a hot tub! Our tour guide took us to the 'teen room' where there was an arcade full of games, a dance floor, and the tour guide told us that every night there is something fun for teens. We saw different night clubs, so even our parents could have fun too! At the end of our tour we were taken to one of the many restaurants, where we had savory sandwiches, scrumptious pastries, mouth watering pizza, tasty dessert and drank satisfying fruit punch. When we were finished eating, one of our classmate, Gabrielle JnoBaptiste gave a vote of thanks. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed every moment of it. Geography ROCKS!


Click here to view a web album of the cruise ship visit.

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