Respect for Life

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Wednesday, 26 January 2011 Written by Colette Ambo


The gift of LIFE was celebrated in a special way at the Convent High School, with a grand 'Respect for Life Day' assembly on Friday 19 January 2011.  This was organised by Miss Leandra Lander and the team of monitors.  The assembly was led by Miss Dionne Durand.



An official welcome was given by the head girl, Odessa Elie, after which the event proceeded in prayer.  Diane Charles and Carys Labassiere read the scripture passage from Col: 3, while Ms Lander and Anna-Marie Le Blanc took lead in a song of praise.  Afterwards, the school band graced the assembly with a song entitled 'Peace and Love'.


In commemoration of the 14 lives lost last year, the young woman who took her life earlier this month, the Convent High School and Dominica, 17 candles were ceremonially lighted to form an 'L', as in 'Life'.  The candles were lighted by the house officials of the various sports houses.  The last candle, for the nation, was lighted by Father Franklin Cuffy.  Among the other invited guests were Miss Mahalia Paul and a few members of the Sisserou Singers.  Also among the guests was parent and singer, Michelle Henderson-Delsol, who later inspired the students with a song entitled 'One Moment in Time'.

Father Cuffy closed the day's proceedings with a few remarks, after which Anna-Marie Le Blanc and Arnelle Isaac led the school body in the school song, on flute.


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