End of Term 1 Assembly

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Monday, 27 December 2010 Written by Gail Parillon

On the 16th of December 2010, students of the convent high school flocked to the school to enjoy the last day of the first term and their prelude to the upcoming Christmas season. The school did not simply end on a bland note! Not at all!!! To close the term the school monitors put together a special assembly to commemorate the advent season and usher in Christmas! Advent is the season which is seen as the preparation of the second coming of Jesus Christ! Prior to this, to celebrate the advent season, a Jessie tree bearing no leaves was erected in the school as students were welcomed to be the ones to put leaves on the tree by writing their own promises for the advent season upon leaf-designed papers and tying the papers to the bare branches! At the final assembly, there were numerous leaves upon the tree so one can imagine or hope that many of the students planned to make drastic changes in themselves for this advent season!!!

The assembly opened with entertaining musical pieces by some of the talented music students of the school as separate groups of students proceeded from the school courtyard to the upstairs gallery to a table where the candles of the advent season were lit. Each of the 4 groups had five students; one student in the middle holding a candle while the others surrounded her bearing white flowers. When the candle was placed and lit, one of the students would tell of the meaning of the candle in reference to the advent season. It was a beautiful display of the meaning of advent!

The assembly proceeded as students performed many songs related to Christ and the meaning of Christmas by singing or by playing the pieces on their instruments. But it wasn’t done yet, as the school had invited many special guests including the people who operate many of the charities on the island, and the school’s chaplain, Monsignor William John- Lewis, who was invited to give us his own message on advent, which was spiritually uplifting!

Then each of the special guests who represented the various charities, were called up and presented packages of food, clothing or toys for their various charities.

Mrs. Dublin, the school’s principal, closed the assembly and on behalf of the CHS, was able to thank the Christian Children’s fund who lent the school some $1800 for roofing repairs. Although it was not as much as they had given the school, we were able to acquire over $600 which was an excellent start! Also, a special congrats was given to Form 1-3 who collected some $84 towards the cause! Also Form 1-4 was thanked for their project towards the restoration of the nun’s grotto! The advent season spirit seemed to be very much present in the students of the convent high school!

One can be sure that all the students left with a feeling of fulfillment from their advent deeds!!

Happy Christmas!

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