5-D Green Movement

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Thursday, 21 October 2010 Written by Shirvonne Royer. Photography Andre McAulay

On Monday 18th October, form 5-D launched their going green campaign, namely “5-D Green Movement (2010 – 2011)”. This campaign focuses on the promotion of eco-friendly practices, and how to create interest in the student body.


One initiative the Movement wishes to begin is the “Greenest Class of the Month”. A few days a week, each class, with the exception of 5-D of course, will be thoroughly inspected for litter and/or wastage of energy. These classes will each be given a score. The class which scores the highest for that month will be awarded with a banner and a certificate.
There will also be a Wall of Fame on which all Greenest Class of the Month winners will be displayed.

We hope to introduce recycling to the school in the future. That is, place more than one bin in each class, each bin being for something specific i.e one for food, one for plastic, one for paper etc etc.


We hope that the entire student body, as well as staff and parents, can come on board and help to create a better environment for today, and future generations.

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