Safety Drill

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Wednesday, 13 October 2010 Written by Brianna Benjamin

With the safety of the general school body in mind, Mrs. Josephine Dublin, Principal of the Convent High School announced the undertaking of simulation emergency drills which were carded for Tuesday 12th October, 2010.


The first of two commenced approximately five minutes before the homeroom period and the second got into motion ten minutes into the homeroom period. The aim was to equip the students with basic knowledge of the actions that would be expected of them in case of an emergency. Upon the ringing of a hand-held bell, children from each class hurriedly formed two lines outside of their classes and began their journey to the netball court in an orderly fashion. On arrival at the set destination, teachers took attendance after which students and teachers alike returned to their classrooms. This was repeated to ensure that students were knowledgeable of the exact procedure.

However, speaking on the emergency drills after Wednesday morning's Assembly, Mrs. Dublin stressed that certain students were still not cognizant of the proper procedure. In light of this, those few students were cautioned, since any minor mistake during emergency evacuation could have a drastic effect on others. Generally the students performance was commendable and the entire school body benefited from the exercise.

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