Teachers' Day at CHS

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Monday, 11 October 2010 Written by Gail Parillon Photography Andre McAulay

Author Unknown

God understood our thirst for 
knowledge, and our need to be led 
by someone wiser; 
He needed a heart of compassion, 
of encouragement, and patience; 
someone who would accept 
the challenge regardless of the 
someone who could see potential 
and believe in the best in others . . . 
So He made Teachers!


On Friday October 1st 2010 students of all forms of the Convent High School (CHS) came out in their trendiest brand name apparel, sporting the most top-of-the-line shoes from Dockside to Converses. And no, it wasn’t any traditional rowdy Dominican bacchanal; it was to celebrate teacher’s day! This was all made possible by the members of fifth form to raise money for one of their classmates who is ill. Yes, this was the one day out of the many other stressful and hectic days that the teachers can just lay back and say to themselves, that, yes, they were able to survive this health-hazard of a job so far and can look forward and hopefully make it through the rest of the year!


The day began with morning assembly, led by the Monitors of Convent High school who got together and planned an assembly for the teachers. During this special tribute to teachers, excitement and anxiety filled the air as each teacher was honoured and given a token of appreciation. For the rest of the day, students presented their own personal gifts to their own teachers, showing their appreciation for all they have done to help them grow academically and personality-wise. Those who came with nothing still had in mind that in some way they will always be indebted to their teachers who struggle daily battles in the classroom with noisy children, stacks of papers and the constant and inevitable bellows of ‘Miss, Miss what you said? I don’t understand that!’  Yes, teachers are at times unappreciated but on this special day of days as students we significantly show them that we do retain some sort of affection towards them.



Yes, this job is like a day amongst the battlefields in Iraq but in the end the best reward for a teacher is to see a child’s face when graduation day dawns and to know that you were one of the many persons responsible for the hopefully bright futures of the next generations. So to all teachers, thanks and know, every time you enter that class room that you hold the futures of the next generation in your hands.


Click here to view a slideshow of teacher's appreciation day 2010 at CHS.

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