St. Theresa’s Feast

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Wednesday, 13 October 2010 Written by Colette Ambo

The members of St. Theresa’s House joined the people of Salisbury in celebrating the feast of their patron saint at 7:00 mass on Friday 1 October 2010. On Tuesday 5 October the St. Theresa roses (members of the house) along with ever-present, Mrs Bertha Toulon, led the school assembly in commemoration of their patron saint.


The assembly began with a procession from the school’s driveway to the upstairs corridor. It was led by St. Theresa herself, in a massive portrait, followed by a few house members proudly carrying roses which were later used to decorate the painting of St Theresa. The procession was also accompanied by a flute and violin duet, done by Anna-Marie Le Blanc and Jade Alexander. Ms Colette Ambo commentated the morning’s proceedings, beginning with prayer. A brief history of St Theresa was then narrated by Ms Leona Jeremiah and Ms.Jeanelle Brisbane. They personalized the history, each taking on the role of St Theresa and recalling her life as their own. This was followed by a short chorus led by members of the first forms. The assembly was then graced with a dance performed by five of the house members, dancing to the song ‘Testify to Love’. The words of this song served as a summary for the life of the saint who, herself, lived her life to testify just that; every human being is capable of love.



With the aid of Ms Shannon Halle, the three house officials were then introduced; Jasmine Defoe as house captain, Leona Jeremiah as vice captain and Colette Ambo as house prefect. To conclude, all the roses joined in singing their song, a hymn to St Theresa; “Dear St. Theresa do not turn away. Drop down just one little rose, the rose I need today.”


Click here to view a slideshow of the St Theresa's Day Celebrations at CHS, 2010.

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