Convent High School Performs Exceptionally well at CSEC Exams

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Monday, 23 August 2010 Written by Kimone Joseph

The results of the CSEC Examinations for 2010 have arrived on island, and CHS students have again performed very well.

The school's top students are Yende Grell and Karyncia Joseph who both were awarded 8 Grade Ones and 1 Grade Two. Makeda McKenzie received 7 Grade Ones and 2 Grade Twos. Amy Eloi was awarded 6 Grade Ones and 3 Grade Twos. Donna Dodds received 6 Grade Ones and 1 grade Two.


The following students received at least five Grade Ones:


Gabrielle Abraham

Desiree Cadle

Metsi Didier

Esther Francis

Rebbecca George

Tishena Lloyd

Kimberly Telemaque

Amala Sorhaindo

Overall, the school's pass rate was 96.6%. We received 100% passes in Biology, Chemistry, English A, English B, Integrated Science, Geography, Physical Education, Principles of Business, Visual Arts, Electronic Document Preparation and Management, Physical Education and Sports, Human and Social Biology.

There were 96% passes in French, Information Technology, and Principles of Accounts. There was a 95% pass in Spanish. Also, there was a 91% pass in Mathematics and Music. 89% of students passed History.

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