My Experience at the Regional Youth Parliament

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Thursday, 05 August 2010 Written by Kaidie Williams

From July 23rd to 31st 2010, the 35th Conference of the Caribbean, Americas and Atlantic Region was held under the theme “Modernization of Caribbean Parliaments: forging our own identity”. Forming part of this conference was the 7th  Regional Youth Parliament which was held on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 at the Parliament Chamber, the Red House, in Port of Spain.

Firstly, after discussing the topic which was, “fostering growth and financial security in the region” with my speech coach, Miss K Joseph, I realized that the topic required ample research. My preparation for this event entailed a lot. It included me reporting to the House of Assembly on a daily basis. I had to leave Dominica the Saturday of that week and I only had Friday to do my research. It was hectic, tiresome and the heavy showers which fell that day only made what I had to accomplish harder. I interviewed Hon. Charles Savarin and Hon. Justina Charles respectively. Also, I visited the Ministry of Finance, the Criminal Investigations Department of the Dominica Police Force and the OECS office.


My position was the Attorney General on the government side and member for Dominica. Due to this, my presentation leaned more to the law aspect of the motion. I analyzed the crime rates in each Caribbean country and came to the conclusion that my country is BLESSED.


This experience was an experience of a lifetime, one that I will never forget. I was graced with the opportunity to meet the Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the Hon. Kamla Persad-Bissessar . I met many other prestigious Caribbean leaders, including our very own Speaker of the House, Mrs. Alix Boyd Knight, Opposition Leader Hon. Hector John and Roseau Central Parliamentary Representative, Hon. Norris Prevost.


The Regional Youth Parliamentary Debate was amazing. I met young people from all over the Caribbean who were different, but had so many similarities. Though we shared different views, in the end, we came to one conclusion, IT IS BETTER TO TRY AND FAIL, THAN TO FAIL TO TRY.


I am very thankful for the assistance of the Clerk of the House of Assembly, Miss Rolle,who ensured that I received all the information necessary and the Speaker of the House and her staff who granted me this opportunity. Words cannot express how thankful and grateful I am for Miss Kimone Joseph who, in spite of my being out of the island communicated with me constantly to ensure my participation in the Regional Youth Parliament. I would also like to thank the Honourable Charles Savarin, Honourable Justina Charles, The Ministry of Finance, the CID of the Police Force and the OECS office.




Finally, I learned that no matter the age, race, color of the skin or gender, Caribbean people always share a special bond with each other that can never be replaced.


Whatever you want to accomplish in life, it is possible once you place your eyes on the prize. The prize may not always be first, sometimes out prizes are just discovering ourselves and overcoming fears.

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