Character Counts Pillars Unveiled

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Tuesday, 29 June 2010 Written by Annette Austrie. Photography Andre McAulay

The Character Counts program is the most widely implemented approach to character education. Six universal values represent the Six Pillars of Character. Each pillar has its distinct colour. Yellow denotes the Respect Pillar. The Caring Pillar is red. Responsibility is identified by the colour green. The Fairness Pillar is orange. Trustworthiness is represented by the colour blue, and the Citizenship Pillar is purple.


At the Convent High School, the Six Pillars of Character have been linked to the Six Houses, named after six patron saints: St. Agnes- green, St. Ann- red, St. Cecelia- blue, St. Joan- yellow, St. Rita- orange and St. Theresa- purple /pink. Two character counts pillars had already been launched, the St. Ann and St. Joan during their house feasts. They were the Respect and the Caring Pillars: St. Joan, respect and St. Ann, caring.


As the pillars were unveiled, the following citations were read:


"A school is a learning environment. All aspects of learning require responsibility. As the Responsibility Pillar is unveiled, we look to St. Agnes for assistance in instilling a sense of responsibility in our students, that they may exercise self-control, set a good example for others, strive for excellence and self-improvement and above all be responsible stewards of all that God has put them in charge of.

Fairness requires active pursuit of justice and condemnation of all that is unjust. It necessitates careful consideration of all angles of the situations we encounter daily and making decisions guided by consciences that are sharpened with wisdom. As the Fairness Pillar was unveiled at the Convent High School, we ask St. Rita to intercede on our behalf, that we may treat all persons equitably, avoid careless accusations and refrain from taking undue advantage of others.

Trustworthiness is shown through honesty, integrity, reliability and loyalty. A trustworthy person is someone in whom others can place their trust and be assured that this trust will not be betrayed. As we unveil the Pillar of Trustworthiness, we implore St. Cecilia to intercede for us at the Convent High School as we strive to nurture faithfulness, truthfulness and sincerity in our students.


The goal of Catholic education is to build the whole person: spiritually, morally, intellectually, emotionally and socially. The Citizenship Pillar represents for us the importance of nurturing young ladies who will take their rightful places as responsible citizens in their respective communities. Moreover, we are reminded that the most important citizenship to be prepared for is being a Heavenly citizen. Pray for us St. Theresa."

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