5-C’s Commencement Banquet

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Monday, 24 May 2010 Written by Metsi Didier

Silver discs reflected light across the room while crepe banners danced to their own tune in mid-air. There was a tingle in the air: a mixture of happiness and anxiety and all the other feelings that rear their heads at times of significance. On the 24th of April 2010 students of the class of 5-C along with invited guests such as Deputy Principal Ms. Austrie, stepped into this glittery wonder of red silver and black.



The reason for their adventure into this adorned world: a commencement banquet, befitting the fact that there are less than three days till the girls, including myself leaves school. The event induced a wide range of emotions on its attendants as it went from exciting to funny and then on to a more reflective mood.

Firstly, the girls each looked gorgeous in their dresses unable to stop taking countless pictures. Pose after pose one would think that it was a photo shoot for a high-end magazine hustling to meet a publishing deadline. Smiles and hugs were exchanged as everyone talked about topics ranging from Dresses to Decorations and Hand-bags to Homework, though the latter was scarcely mentioned. The Banquet commenced with an opening prayer and four bidding prayers, giving God his rightful place in the ceremony. Ms. Cursel Hazel, the class’ captain gave a welcoming speech that made the already warm atmosphere seem even cheerier. Special guest speaker Marissa Sabrooche (a former member of 5-C) questioned the students as to if they were really “ready to start a new chapter” of the life. In her words “Happiness and success can only be achieved by embracing three concepts…….having a good attitude, humility and time management.”


As Ms. Sabrooche noted, everybody wants to be successful, however many people go about it the wrong way I am sure that with careful consideration all who heard her speech would have been enlightened with some ways of finding success the right way.


Next, was a speech by 5-C student of the year Yendé Grell. Miss Grell expressed her thanks to all people who were driving force throughout the past five years. In her words, her journey could be “compared to Dominica…….a rugged, mountainous island.” which still allows its true beauty to shine through. I can attest to having suffered quite a few cases of ‘Fed-up-sy’ as Yendé put it. Going on to re-call events that occurred in the class, brought to every-face (well, al least those who were there the first time around) as giggles spread across the auditorium in remembrance of some ridiculous thing a fellow class-mate had done and made a class tradition out of it.


Further on was the dinner segment. Plates were stacked high (or not so high for the weight conscious ones) and light conversation from before continued over hot lasagna and corn soufflé among other things. The merriment was definitely brought to a climax with a mix of scrumptious cherry or chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert.


Prior to the event, names had been distributed for a gift exchange. This segment was fun to listen to as classmates did their very best to say something sweet and witty about the person to whom they had to give a gift. Most of the time is was about some humorous trait or event that had happened while others were more touching stories of friendships made and strengthened throughout the five years.


In addition to these heart-touching stories were a duet sung by two of 5-C’s members, Makeda and Bianka. Thought not perfect, as the sung ‘As we go on’ accompanied by a slide-show, I’m sure a least, (even if just a few) some tears may have swelled up and slid down some cheeks. Another piece of entertainment was a dance, done by none other than 5-C's very own Donna Dodds. 5-C was proven to definitely be a class of many talents.


In closing, the class song ‘Our Destiny’ was sung and the vote of hanks was given by Alix Matthew. Although they had not left just yet, the students of 5-C were given the opportunity to consider just what their future might hold, as well as reminisce on the past. Whether It had been exciting, funny, or a bit more reflective, every element seemed to have been mixed into just the right recipe for a perfect night

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