Communications Club visits House of Assembly

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Tuesday, 13 April 2010 Written by Anna-Marie Le Blanc

On 29 March 2010, the Convent High School’s Communications Club was afforded the opportunity to view a seating of the House of Assembly.

We arrived before the proceedings were scheduled to take place and were graced with the presence of the Prime Minister (Hon Roosevelt Skerrit), who was kind enough to talk to us. He briefly outlined the bill which he would put forward that day. He also answered questions posed by members of the Club regarding roles and proceedings of the House of Assembly. From this discussion, we learned that the Speaker of the House (Mrs Alix Boyd-Knights) had great authority, and all members of Parliament were answerable to her. She ensured that the proceedings of the House of Assembly went smoothly and according to the Law.  Hon Prime Minister Skerrit also stated that school cannot teach you about politics, but the experiences one has a politician train one to be a better politician.

Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit and Communications Club

Then, the proceedings of the House formally began with the entry of the Speaker and the Prayer. Then, Dr McIntyre affirmed his allegiance to members of the House of Assembly with an oath. After, he was congratulated by the Honourable Prime Minister and the Speaker of the House of Assembly. The minutes of the last meeting were then confirmed.


Subsequently, the Speaker made announcements. Among these were letters from the elected members of the Opposition advising that they would not attend the seating of Parliament which was currently in session. The reply from the Speaker to the letters was read where she pointed out the breeches of the Law in their letters and thus, why leave from the Assembly was refused them.


Following this, statements of the Bills to be proposed were read. Next, the Bill proposed by the Prime Minister was up for debate among parliamentarians. (The other Bill was proposed by the Hon Ian Douglas.)


Sadly, at that point, we had to leave. It was a truly informative experience, and we will never forget it. According to the President of the Communications Club, Colette Ambo, “It [the proceedings of the House] was very thorough, much could be learned. Despite the fact that we were unable to hear the final readings of both Bills, the information received was very enlightening.”

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