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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Tuesday, 23 March 2010 Written by Kimone Joseph

The Communication Club of Convent High School has indeed had a busy year so far. The year started with training sessions in speech and delivery every Friday afternoon.

Presentation Competition


In October, Leah Dodds (Form 3-2 and St Joan House), Kayla Jean Jacques (Form 3-2 and St Agnes House) and Kaidie Williams (Form 3-3 and St Anne House) took second prize in the KIWANIS Club of Waitukubuli's Secondary Schools Power Point Presentation Competition.


Debate Competitions


The KIWANIS Club of Roseau Secondary School's Debate Competition began in February. Shirvonne Royer (Form 4-D and St Joan House) and Anna- Marie Le Blanc (4-D and St Theresa House) competed in the first debate against the Pierre Charles Secondary School. Our girl proposed the topic: The recently held general elections of 2009 were free and fair. This debate ended in a tie, allowing both teams to proceed to the quarter finals round.





Two weeks later, Shekina Moise (2-1 and St Anne House) and Colette Ambo (4-A and St. Theresa House) won against the students of the Community High School. Our students opposed the topic: Trade Unions have fulfilled their purpose and are no longer relevant. Shekina was judged the Best Speaker


In the semi-final round of the competition, Simone Green (4-D and St Rita) and Colette Ambo succumbed to the St Mary's Academy by three points. Our students proposed the topic: The Caribbean Court of Justice would better serve the Caribbean Community than the Privy Council. Colette was judged the Best Speaker



Youth Parliament


As part of Commonwealth Day celebrations, the Youth Parliament was held on Monday, 15 March, 2010. Kaidie Williams and Leah Dodds participated in this competition. Kaidie was awarded Best Speaker of the Opposition and Best Speaker Overall.



Looking Ahead


Still on the books for the Club is the visit to Parliamentary Proceedings on Monday, March 29 at the House of Assembly. Also, the members will attend the Finals of the KIWANIS debate between the St Mary's Academy and the North East Comprehensive School on Wednesday, 31 March.

In Term III, the Club's members will organize an assembly for Literacy Week on Monday, 19 April. They will also be hosting the Film Wrap Session on Wednesday, 21 April.


History of the Communications Club

The CHS Communications Club was started in 2005 by Miss Kewoba Carter and was then known as the Debate Team. After her departure, the group suffered a temporary hiatus during the academic year 2007-2008. In September of 2008, the group reemerged as the new Communications Club and was spearheaded by Miss Kimone Joseph.

The group was reestablished to allow students of the school the opportunity to embark on a journey of personal growth and development through public speaking, researching and writing. This year there are 19 students in the Club. Club members are nominated by the staff of the English Department who have carefully observed the writing, reading and presentation skills of these students. Students from second to fourth form are eligible for nomination. Once students have been nominated by the staff, they receive a nomination letter which is signed by their parents or legal guardians and returned to the Club's Advisor. The Convent High School Communications Club is advised by Kimone Joseph.

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