Yende Grell is Head Girl

Last Updated: Saturday, 01 August 2015 Published: Tuesday, 29 September 2009 Written by Kimone Joseph. Photography Andre McAulay

The new Head Girl of Convent High School for the academic year 2009-2010 is Yende Grell (St. Cecilia's House) of Form 5-C.

Grell won a landslide victory in the school's polls on Monday, 28 September, 2009. She received 168 votes. The other two candidates, Daustina Commodore (St. Theresa's House) of 5-D and Donna Dodds (St. Joan's House) of 5-C received 66 and 40 votes respectively. This makes Commodore the new Deputy Head Girl and Dodds the Elected School Prefect.

In Photo: L - R:  Deputy Principal Bannis, Donna Dodds, Principal Dublin, Dustina Commodore, Deputy Principal Austrie, and Yende Grell

Speaking about the results of the elections, Grell said, "I was excited. I was indeed very happy that my fellow students thought that I would make a good representative of their interests for this school year."

Grell plans on working to develop the planned Student Council.

"I think the Student Council will be an excellent way to implement positive programs that students of this school need," she said. "It is our way of ensuring that we have a voice in this school."

Grell's message for CHS students is to be more proactive.

"I want us to keep striving for excellence," said Grell. "Also, we need to be more involved in the activities that are planned for us. For example, coming soon we have Teacher's Appreciation day, the Gorgeous in Green Social and Creole Day. There will also be sporting activities where we can support our athletes."

The Convent High School Head Girl is elected by students of Forms 3 to 5. However, candidates must be serving as Monitors of the school. From the list of Monitors, students are nominated by the school teachers and invited via official letter by the school's principal to run for the position. Candidates run a campaign for one week before the polling date. The student with the most votes on election day emerges as Head Girl, while the second student in the poll serves as the Deputy Head Girl. This year saw the reintroduction of the Elected School Prefect position for the student who is third in the polls.

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