Romeo and Juliet with a twist by Ms. T. John Ramsey

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Wednesday, 03 June 2009 Written by Jodessa Bethelmie

     Perhaps the most famous of all of William Shakespeare’s plays is “Romeo and Juliet” and on Saturday May 9th at and Saturday May 16th students from the St Mary’s Academy and the Convent High School came together to enact their own version of the play written by school teacher Miss John Ramsay of St. Mary’s Academy.

     In the play, Romeo, played by Hector Murdock of the St Mary’s Academy, attended a ‘Triple K’ dance where he meets the beautiful Juliet, played by the talented Rainne Lawrence of the Convent High School, and immediately falls in love with her. To his dismay, he finds out that Juliet is the daughter of his father’s worst enemy Mr. Capulet. But the love birds do not give up. They are determined to be together and after convincing Friar Lawrence, played by Mr. Josef Faddoul, they are secretly married by him and it seems like they are finally together. However, their life together is disrupted when Romeo murders Juliet’s brother, Tybalt because he had killed Romeo’s cousin. Romeo is exiled and on top of that Juliet is forced into an arranged marriage by her father. Yet, Romeo and his love are still determined to be together and will do anything to achieve that.

     All in all, the play was reasonably well done. The students were able to turn Shakespeare’s work into their own. It was great to see our friends on stage. The humour added to the play and the real live scenario made it very entertaining. Although some important scenes were lost in their reproduction and the play was not half as dramatic as it could have been, the students and teachers must be applauded for their work and for successful performances at both events.


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