30 Past CHS Students Graduate from DSC

Last Updated: Saturday, 01 August 2015 Published: Tuesday, 02 December 2008 Written by Tsehai Grell

On November 7th 2008, about thirty past students of the Convent High School celebrated another success in their educational journey. These students along with about 170 of their colleagues graduated with Associate Degrees in their respective majors from the Dominica State College.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement and most students had bitter sweet feelings about officially saying good bye to the learning institution that had been home for two or more years. The graduation ceremony commenced with the procession of the graduates, followed by speeches from Dr. Gerald Grell, Chairman of the Board, Mr. Hubert Charles, President of DSC, the former Minister of Education Honourable Vince Henderson and Mrs. Francine Baron, Attorney General, who represented the Honourable Prime Minister. The Keynote speaker, Honourable Dr. Justice Irving Andre, encouraged the graduates to embrace and use technology to their advantage. He also noted that today, students have more educational opportunities than students in the past and urged the graduates to take hold of them and to immerse themselves in learning. The Valedictorian, Jeffrey Burton, continued along the same lines reminding the graduates that it’s all up to them. What ever they choose to make of their lives is their choice.

But for the CHS past students, the most exciting part was yet to come- Prizes! The girls cheered on their girls from their alma mater as they captured quite a few prizes. Attainea Toulon walked away with prizes as the student of the year from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Technology and also the award for Architectural technology. CHS’ reign continued with Viviana Chasseau out shining her predominantly male class and capturing the prize for Electronics, Engineering and Electrical Technology. Tricia Jno Baptiste was awarded the Accounting and Economic prizes, while Netisha Durand copped the Literature prize. Regina Grimner, another past Convent girl was awarded the prize for Tourism studies Yes, CHS certainly reigned that evening.

Regina Grimner and Viviana Chaseau


Viviana Chaseau and Keisha Moreau



Past CHS Students who Graduated

Attainea Toulon

Indira Stephenson

Hannah Stephenson

Viviana Chaseau

Kellyn Vidal

Samara Stedman

Tricia jno Baptiste

Tanika Sebastien

Watt Vana

Nasierah Mark

Cherysa Anselm

Nikisha Rabess

Keisha Moreau

Danielle Gordon

Giselle Volney

Jacinta Fagan

Keri-Lynn Simon

Alaine Abel

Activille Amy

Melissa Morgan

Neitsha Durand

Tsehai Grell

Vernandra Christian

Regina Grimner


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