Belizean Literature teacher visits Convent High School

Last Updated: Saturday, 01 August 2015 Published: Tuesday, 11 November 2008 Written by Daria Mitchell Sorhaindo. Photo Andre McAulay

Mrs. Margery Laing, Belizean residing in the United States, visited Dominica to partake in our Reunion 2008 festivities. A retired Literature teacher, she gladly shared her time with our Fifth Form literature Group at the Convent High School enlightening them about Belizean culture and the author Zee Edgell who wrote the novel Beka Lamb.

Margery and Zee grew up around the same time in 1950’s Belize and do know each other well.

Margery also treated us to Belizean politics of the 1950’s, its language and its geography. In addition she also threw some light on various characters in Beka Lamb, some of which she knew growing up Belize City. Some of the memorable characters were National Vellor (National Velvet) and the masked man riding his cart.

Margery left us on a high note as she shared her daughter’s promotional DVD on the Garifuna, Belize’s native Black Caribs and their music and dance the ‘Punta’, which has evolved into ‘Punta Rock’.

Mrs. Laing left Dominica en route to attend the Antigua Book Fair. She has succeeded in helping our Dominican students embrace Belize as indeed a part of our Caribbean region.

Prior to her departure, we ensured that she left us with a refreshing image of Dominican youth and of course clutching some good literature, a copy of Alick Lazare’s Pharcel

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