Class of 1998 Leads Morning Assembly

Last Updated: Saturday, 01 August 2015 Published: Wednesday, 29 October 2008 Written by Kimone Joseph. Photography Andre McAulay

Members of the graduating class of 1998 led the school assembly at their alma mater, Convent High School on Wednesday, 29 October as part of the celebration of the group's 10th anniversary of graduation and the school's 150th anniversary of establishment. The group led the morning prayers, Bible reading and hymn. They also sang their graduating song “These are the Days” by Vanessa Williams.

As part of the occasion, deputy chairperson of the Class of 1998 Reunion Committee, Nicole Christian- Durand, presented a monetary donation to the school on behalf of her committee. In an emotional speech, she explained that Convent High School would always be an important part in the life of every graduate of her class.

“Over the past few weeks, the members of our graduating class have been reminiscing about the times we had at CHS,” said Christian-Durand. “What stood out most in our minds was the quality of education, the support of the staff and the Christian values that have sustained this institution over the years. All these have touched everyone who has had the privilege to attend CHS.”

Christian-Durand also appeal to the students currently enrolled at the school to appreciate the foundation the school offers.

“We wish to encourage the present students to take special advantage of the opportunity that they are receiving here,” she said. “Always be thankful and humble, and you will succeed.”

Yolanda Mason-Shillingford and two of her classmates from the class of 1974 also dropped by for the assembly, and Mason-Shillingford encouraged the students to respect their teachers and to enjoy and nurture the friendships they are developing through their years at CHS.

We encourage more “old girls” to drop by the school during this Reunion time.

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