Election Fever at CHS

Last Updated: Saturday, 01 August 2015 Published: Tuesday, 09 September 2008 Written by Kimone Joseph

The nominees for the Convent High School Head Girl elections were announced during the school's assembly on Wednesday, September 10. They are Reisha Felix (5-B), Juanita Jno. Phillip (5-D), Daina Matthew (5-D) and Jilane-Milani Prevost (5-D). Each girl got the opportunity to speak before the enthusiastic school body. Elections will be held on Monday, 15 September and the ballots will be counted during break that day.

Meet the Candidates:

Back: Jilane and Juanita. Front: Daina and Reisha

Reisha lives in Wall House. Her core subjects at CHS are Physics and Chemistry. She is also a peer counsellor and a house official in St. Joan's House. When asked why she should be voted as head girl, Reisha said, “I have dedicated my time, patience and God-given talents to the service of this great institution and I wish to make a special difference.”

Juanita is a Geography and Literature student from Goodwill. She has served the House of St. Agnes in events such as the Spelling Bee. She was one of the candidates in the Student Parliament held earlier this year. “I should be head girl because I honestly feel I can changed the image of what a head girl is perceived as,” said Juanita. “I feel that I can be an inspirational leader and I will do the necessary duties.”

Daina is a Geography and Literature student who lives in Canefield East. Daina is a peer counsellor and a member of St. Cecelia's House. She was also a candidate in the Student Parlaiment. “I am a very good speaker,” said Daina. “I can relate to everyone in the school. I would be more than happy to represent the rest of the school body.”

Jilane-Milani lives in Belfast. Her core subjects are Geography and Literature. She was the overall winner of the student parliament this year. Jilane-Milani is very committed in her contributions to St. Joan's House. “I am responsible, an excellent academic role model,and an innovative and honest leader,” said Jilane-Milani. “I also love helping others.”

Nominees for the position of Head Girl at CHS were recommended by the staff from the list of those nominated to serve as Monitors. Following their presentation to the school, the students were encouraged to run a responsible campaign ahead of the elections the next week.

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