Twenty-five Seniors to Serve as CHS Monitors

Last Updated: Saturday, 01 August 2015 Published: Wednesday, 10 September 2008 Written by Kimone Joseph


Twenty-five students in form five have been nominated by the teachers to serve as Convent High School Monitors for 2008-2009. These students will assist the student body and teachers by supervising several areas at school during the day.


They have all displayed leadership qualities and are model students for the entire school body. The staff advisor of the Monitor Program at CHS is Mrs. Diane Bannis. The monitors are as follows:





Courtney Hazel

Kelda David

Kimara Dyer

Daina Matthew

Reisha Felix

Shernelle Anthony

Germimah Junkere

Meleeva Ferreira

Saidah Labadie

Juanita Jno. Phillip

Analie Laville

Renatta Graham

Sierra Richards

Rochelle Joseph

Anica Jno. Baptiste

Edith Mesmain

Kimberly Lawrence

Jewel Browne

Terri-Ann Nelson

Chelsea Severin

Manita Joseph

Brendalyn Bazil

Jilane-Milani Prevost

Gabriella Shillingford

Michelle Joseph


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