23 New Monitors Selected

Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2012 Published: Friday, 07 March 2008 Written by Leandra Lander

The Convent High School has assigned 23 new students to step in as acting monitors while the fifth formers write their Final Exams.

On Friday 7th 2008, Mrs. Josephine Dublin, principal, officially introduced the students to the general school body during morning assembly.

They are:

Courtney Hazel Jewelé Browne
Saidah Labadie
4-B Kimara L. Dyer
Kimberly Lawrence Sherese Magloire
Reisha Felix Anica Jno. Baptiste
LaDonna Helmer
Kelda David 4-E
Meleeva Ferreira Brendalyn Bazil
Analie Laville Juanita John Phillip
Rochelle Joseph Edith Mesmain
Asheibba Llyod Teri-Ann Nelson
Chelsea Severin Daina Matthew
Jilane-Milani Prevost
Gabriella Shillingford
Germiamah Junkere























Mrs. Dublin congratulated the students and asked the students of the school to assist the acting monitors in maintaining order around the school.

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