Book review on Gone to Drift by Diana Mc Caulay

Published: Saturday, 01 April 2017 Written by Allyna Bernard


By: Diana McCaulay


Publisher: Papillote Press


Published: February 28th 2016


ISBN Number: ISBN 978-0-9931086-1-7

‘Gone to Drift’ is a novel centred around a twelve-year-old Jamaican boy named Lloyd. He, Lloyd, is on a search for his grandfather, Maas Conrad, who is suspected to be lost at sea. During his quest to find his beloved grandfather, he discovered many secrets, uncovered mysteries, learned and faced tough choices. Young Lloyd is determined and searches all over for help and support as he goes on to discover more about his grandfather’s disappearance and learn of the possible individuals who are hiding bits of information of his grandfather’s. The entire story revolves around Lloyd trying to uncover the truth about Conrad’s disappearance, and finding him before it is too late.


Personally, I have no real experience with the exact actions and situations which take place in the story, but, I can relate it to my life. Firstly, Lloyd’s choice to take on such a big challenge, especially for someone his age, is quite fantastic! I see his bravery, courage, strong will, and persistence, as strong key -stone to help build up character. Additionally, Lloyd’s actions show a transition from a boy to an adult and that is how I apply it to my personal life. As a teenager, the world seems so strange and different. A young person in such a world is quite the experience. Many of us, including myself, have found these times to be trying and difficult and we tend to find ourselves making grown up decisions before our tender minds may even realize.


Secondly, the will to survive is strong within us all. In a way, we are like Conrad. There is a constant fight for survival within us despite the civilized disposition humans take on. A perfect example of this ‘Fight for Survival’ is when a staple of any sort runs out in a household. For example, if there is no shampoo, or sweet soap or aloe vera available. When we need a snack and there is no money some would fight to find just a cent to satisfy themselves.


In my opinion, the book is well done and the addition of the Grandfather’s notes in each chapter is quite new to me and I applaud the author for a job done with precision and patience. Also, the plot line, character choices and development, and overall views play a keen role in enticing the reader to solve the mystery and read on.


I recommend that anyone who can read and understand should give the book a try. It, the book, could open up any mind to a large sea of opportunity.


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