Book review Dancing in the Rain

Published: Saturday, 11 March 2017 Written by Milagro Charlemange

Dancing in the rain
After the divorce of their parents, Brandt and Jared move from their home in Sosua to New York in hopes of having a better life. There, their mother becomes a lawyer and a pathway is created for many new beginnings in Brandt’s social and educational life. There is a constant war between his brother Jared and his mother concerning obedience, especially since he thinks that his mother is responsible for the divorce. Age difference causes Brandt to feel unwanted by his brother and a constant annoyance to him. However, despite all the different trials and tribulations faced by this family, their bond triumphs all issues and their love for each other over powers the storms ahead. In the end, these waters do not wash Brandt away but washes him clean instead.
Imaginative twelve-year old Elizabeth is a young girl who lives in Sosua with her mother. Her imaginative mind enhances her everyday life bringing much amusement to herself and those around her especially her dear father who visits whenever possible and returns to New York where his job is stationed in order to support himself and family. Whenever Papi is around, life is a dream, but this all turns into a nightmare as soon as he returns to New York. Her joy comes easily but is just as easily broken. After the Twin Towers have been brought down, her family is torn apart. Hope returns after having meet Brandt who is 8 and his brother Jared who is 13. With them, she can relate in some sense and see that after a storm is a calm.
Be taken aback by the Dominican Republic’s astonishing splendor, this novel ‘Dancing in the rain’ portrays the impact and effects of the tragic fall of the Twin Towers on two Caribbean based families. It is full of suspense, well-crafted story about searching for happiness in times of hardship and sorrow.

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