An enslaved woman's reflection

Published: Wednesday, 01 June 2016 Written by Nicole Barry

All these years being punished
One by one our souls vanished
Hardly any food to sustain us
Brutal beatings if we fussed.

White men raping us for pleasure
Took away our virginity, our prized treasure
Our babies killed, our tears like a flood
The drips of tears turned into drops of blood.

Diseases spread through black woman's land
Our spirits got crushed in the white man's hand
We slept and lived in our filth
All our hard work went into the tilth.

While we were pregnant our babies were slain
Our unborn infants will not suffer our pain
Hardly any breaks to feed our children
Our love for each other was forbidden.

We could never be with our children at the end of the day
Too tired from work, our bodies slowly decayed
Our families were separated by being sold
The white men being so heartless and cold.

We aborted our babies while being pregnant
So they would not suffer the whites regnant
Our time robbed from our children's childhood
Our joys being burnt away, just like firewood.

One day we will get our revenge
Our ancestors we shall avenge
We will break you, like how you broke my people
We shall make you suffer, leaving you crippled.

Our hands will be stained with your blood of slavery
Our people will rejoice for our bravery
You shall burn in the pit of hell
And when that day comes, we shall say farewell.

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