I am the Future!

Published: Friday, 25 September 2015 Written by Allyna Bernard

I’m getting tired of looking at the past and back
so I will pick up a new direction
and get my thoughts back on track.
I am my own person
and no one can deny
my thoughts, my ideas -
just look into the mind’s eye.
Like the future, I am unpredictable,
my voice and choices reign true.
In the future, I can change
and prevent fully drugs and animal abuse.
The past to me is full of regret -
because of many mistakes made
there’s sadness, worries and stress.
But in the future I will bring smiles,
too much for one heart to take.
A flood of happiness is what I want the future to be,
a flood of happiness for you and me.
I am the future.
Like new growth in pasture
my purpose is to renew and change
this world in every known and new way.

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