A Place I like to visit

Published: Thursday, 18 June 2015 Written by Tonilia Rhonda Eli

The atmosphere is mysterious yet remarkable.  I enjoy being aroundthe bright objects that continuously shine to attract the attention from those around it. It is almost as if I am surrounded by an everlasting war of beauty. I am encircled by darkness that brings about a feeling of both loneliness and fear.  Yet, huge, bright spheres act as my companions. They are aligned one after the other, playing a ring game around their best friend who is known as the biggest star because of its bright personality. There is one sphere who continues to be shy, but in my opinion, it is the most beautiful amongst all the spheres. It is as bright and white as the wings of an angel, but it refuses to express its radiant, beauty and only hovers around its mother earth.

This amazing environment sings the greatest song that I have ever heard. The man-made contraptions play a peaceful noise that everything around it enjoys hearing. The sound can be compared to the continuous beeping of a microwave in the distance, beeping at a very slow pace. This contraption is the only sound that would be heard. The rest is pure and utter silence. The quietness of the area is worse than the quietness of an abandoned library. This marvellous place is unbeatable when it comes to silence. It is the best site to meditate and think and relieve stress. One can maintain their mental state in the locale because of soundlessness of the environment. Without a doubt, it is the most quiet in all of creation.

The position I usually stay to experience this place of calm excitement tingles my nostrils. The smell is something that no man has ever encountered. ‘The smell of nothing’ is how I would describe it. There is no food smell, or factory smell; in fact, it is like breathing no air at all. It is an aroma that leaves a person in both confusion and amazement, and it is one of the many reasons why I love visiting this place.

An empty environment, that acts as the home of many floating objects. So spacious, that any man could get lost for an eternity. It is scary but drags one to discover more about it. A place where there is something to learn, every time you visit. Outer space is the home of adventure for an astronaut.

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