Stolen Identity

Published: Wednesday, 12 November 2014 Written by Gael Thomas

Princess Isabelle gently stroked her long black hair for the hundredth time. Sighing, she placed her ivory brush on her vanity and sauntered over to her dresser to choose her gown. Today was the day she would become the queen of Egypt. Although she would be assuming great responsibility, she also looked forward to the perks of being part of the royal council. The fancy parties and galas and expensive and exotic clothes were just waiting for her to enjoy them. Snapping out of her daydream, she glanced over at her hour glass. To her dismay, she was already half an hour late. She quickly slipped on a simple silk dress and ran quickly to the throne room to alert the council members that she was only running a little late. When she arrived at the throne room doors, two guards stood, with faces of stone, wielding their spears. They quickly stepped in front of the door preventing Isabelle from going through. She tried to get them to move but they only responded that the ceremony had already begun and that villagers were not allowed to go in to the throne room but were required to wait outside for the procession and parade that would follow after. Confused, Isabelle made her way to a window outside which looked into the throne room. When she looked in, a girl, with her same face, and hair was kneeling before the chief priest reciting the ceremonial rites.

Princess Isabelle could not even move. Frozen in fright and shock, she could only stare as the ceremony continued. The girl who everyone thought was her stood gracefully, smiling as the chief priest placed the beautiful gold and ivory crown on the imposter. She made her way to the velvet throne daintily lifting her blue cotton gown to step up to the throne. As the girl sat, the royal council and the important invited guests stood clapping and cheering. They formed a long line placing expensive gifts at the imposter’s feet.

As the girl looked around, her eyes fell on Isabelle who was looking helplessly into the window. The girl grinned wickedly and whispered something to a guard who stood near her. Before she could blink, Isabelle was being carried off towards the palace dungeon. Isabelle knew exactly who had stolen her identity, her evil twin sister, Esmeralda. Her twin sister had been banished by her father for killing their beloved mother. It was obvious that no one had recognized her.

There was only one way for Isabelle to reclaim her throne but she had to be fast. As the guard shoved her to walk faster, she quickly, with ninja-like stealth, tripped him and sped back towards the throne room. Shouting, Isabelle ran towards Esmeralda. Although they were twins, she and Esmeralda had one difference: a birthmark. Guards came and carried Esmeralda away to lock her up for good this time and Isabelle claimed back her stolen identity.

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