Glow Stick beach

Published: Wednesday, 29 October 2014 Written by Inoela Vital


 Though I have seen several lovely seasides in my life, I always swear by Glow Stick Beach, finding something undeniably grand in its simple features: sand, sea, sky and spirit. Now, believe me, Glow Stick Beach is saturated with spirit. In the day, it is a party charged with people hopping around barefooted on hot sand or strutting about in flip-flops, and in the night, the beach becomes a haven under starry heavens. As I stroll along the sandy shore, leaving shallow depressions in its smooth skin wherever I walk, I am able to fully capture the climactic beauty and depth of Glow Stick Beach.


High above me, the velvety sky is painted in dark purple, deep blue and several shades in between. It is sprinkled with stars, and displays a moon that gleams and beams upon the water. Best of all, there is not a cloud up there to interrupt my view. Gentle winds sweep around a salty aroma that rises from the sea and flavours the air. I inhale the saline perfume in slow deep breaths.


After a while, I stop to dig my heels into the cool sand, interrupting the neat trail of footprints behind me. Sometimes, at night especially, the wide stretch of sand becomes my personal journal. I would take a long stick from further up the beach and write in the sand using my best handwriting. I would etch all of my frustrations into the silky part of the shore, near the water’s edge, and watch the sea waves roll a little further up the beach to smooth it back out again. Then, in a strange but satisfying way, I would feel the same smoothing process occurring within and a sense of restoration.


As I continue my leisurely walk along Glow Stick Beach, I spend most of my time gazing out at the water. The Sea, brimming withbioluminescence, glitters in the night as if there are drops of silver crystals trapped under its wrinkled surface. It breathes heavily, very much alive as it stretches out onto the sea shore and pulls back in. I am almost convinced that the sea itself, from deep down in its immortal pumping heart, hidden beneath its cold shimmering surface, radiates a vitality stronger than the sun­ —the essence of Glow Stick Beach.


Later, when it is too late in the night, or rather, too early in the morning to stay here any longer, I turn around, a bit reluctantly, to leave. Though I know that I will be back here soon enough, I am already counting down the days.


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