Second person Narrative- Quick Thinking Saves the Day

Published: Sunday, 29 June 2014 Written by Nakisa Severin

Quick Thinking Saves the Day

 Mommy, I know I have never been, not for even a day, your most successful child but this time, I am sure you would be proud of me and see that I am actually smarter than my sister, Jenifer. Do you remember that day when we sat under the old willow tree in the corner of our back yard next to the lilies, watching the stars and you told me, “The brain is the strongest weapon?” I never really understood what you meant by this but little did I know that I was about to.

You always said that daddy was a very strong man and only died in the war due to pure ignorance. You said that I was exactly like him. The night when you left me home alone to attend Jenifer’s piano concert, I was very afraid. This was because that afternoon when you were listening to news I overheard that the 17 Year Old Island Burglars had escaped from prison. As a little girl, I believed that nothing could ever go wrong therefore I was extremely shocked when I heard soft footsteps in the grass outside.

My heart almost stopped when I heard the diabolical whispering of two strange boys. Where they coming to our house? Why did they choose to come while you were away and I was alone? I remained sited on daddy’s favorite chair in front of the television hoping that I could absorb his courage so I would not start crying hysterically. I felt paralyzed and I did not know what to do. I did not know what they could do either. They were a mystery to me and I found that rather terrifying. Maybe they would not hurt me if I allowed them to steal anything they wanted- or so I thought.

I heard the glass of the window next to the back door shatter and I jumped. I wanted to turn off the television so I could hear their movement better but I knew that if I did, they would know that I was in the house and may attack. Even though keeping the television on was a good idea, my brain could not order my foot to move mostly because my destination for hidden was undecided.

I felt that they were coming near. I knew that there was nothing I could do. Thankfully, my adrenaline kicked in and I ran as quickly as I could to the kitchen. I remembered that you kept your emergency cell phone next to daddy’s picture on the counter. I swiped it and ran behind the fridge. I did not know where to go from there but I knew one thing. I knew that I wanted to show you that I was capable of great thought.

I heard drawers opening and closing as the burglars searched through documents and pictures looking for money. In a small glass jar next to daddy’s picture, there was a purple powdery substance that we promised him that we would never touch in case of an emergency. “Never eat this,” I remember you telling me referring to the purple powder in the jar, “It may look like your favorite Wanka candy but one taste of this and you’ll be as stiff as a vegetable.”

This gave me an instant idea. According to the news report, the 17 Year Old Island Burglars enjoyed raiding fridges and eating anything they could get. I quickly opened the jar and sprinkled the purple power all over the banana cake you and Jenifer made the day before. Before I could suck in a breath, I heard a gunshot. It made my heart go into my foot. They had a gun.

With the cell phone tight in my hand, I ran up to my bed room and dove underneath my bed. By the clattering of forks and knives, I knew that they were in the kitchen. I dialed your number as quickly as I could but there was no answer. They were coming up the stairs now. They did not fall for my trap. Why did they not open the fridge? I knew that they were in my room now; I could see their feet through my bed sheets. I dialed the police instantly. “There are burglars in my room,” I whispered when they answered the phone. The police did not need any more information. They told me to stay calm and they would be on their way.

Meanwhile, the burglars stood one place. They were silent. Had they heard my whispers? You would not imagine what happened next! One of the boys stooped down to check underneath the bed. Obviously, since I was the least educated of your children, I did not know what to do. I had to think quickly. Luckily I had the jar or purple powder with me. I poured some into the palm of my hands. As soon as the boy put his face down to check underneath the bed, I blew the powder directly at him.

He did not move at all. All he could do was look at me. He was paralysed! Are you proud impressed? I was very much proud of myself.

You would think that the second one would have done the same thing but instead he approached me from the back and pulled me out by foot. The jar fell from my hand and rolled away.  He rose up by my collar and laughed.  With the other hand, he pulled out his gun like the cold blooded animal he was. My first instinct was to kick him like daddy would have done but instead; I put my hand on his nose causing him to seize all movements. He was paralysed also.

Do you remember the look on your face when the police called you after they re-arrested the burglars? Where you proud of me when they told you that I was awarded a hero for my quick thinking? I know daddy would have been proud and so was I.

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