Plastic surgery Good or Bad?

Published: Monday, 16 June 2014 Written by Josie-Ann Le Blanc


Plastic Surgery : a way to promote beauty or destroy it?

Do you know that over twenty percent of Americans have performed some form of plastic surgery?  Plastic surgery is defined as a form of enhancing or fixing one's self through surgical means.  Plastic surgery gives self-confidence, makes people acceptable in society and enhances ones beauty.


Primarily, plastic surgery gives people the self-confidence they need.  Many individuals are not often pleased with the way they have been made by God.  Plastic surgery allows people to be whom they want to be and builds there self-esteem.

In addition, plastic surgery makes people accepted into society.  Some people maybe bodily or facial challenged for numerous reasons: accidents, burns or just naturally.  Plastic surgery allows the start and ridicule to stop and permits the person to feel like a normal individual.

Furthermore, plastic surgery enhances the appearance of a person.  Some individuals may have too little body or too much fat.  Others may not like the shape of their nose or the structure of their face.  Plastic surgery enables people to change the features about themselves that are ugly and make them into something beautiful.

However, there are those who believe that plastic surgery is immoral.  They are convinced that the procedure destroys what God has made in His own image and likeness and that persons should embrace their natural beauty.  This statement is however completely ridiculous.  Many are affected by the scorns and ridicule of society because of their deformity.  Plastic surgery is the only way of enhancing the natural beauty of an individual and gives them the self-confidence and motivation they need.  Plastic surgery is essential for people such as accident and burn victims who just want to be approved by society.  It would be selfish to attack a person for simply wanting to be accepted and to boast their self-confidence.

Overall, plastic surgery helps people to be more pleased with themselves.  It gives them self-confidence, helps them be accepted in society and enhances their beauty.  Plastic surgery does not show displeasure in God's gift of natural beauty but merely shows how God has blessed his surgeons with the gift of enhancing our beauty. 


By: Josie-Ann Le Blanc

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