Quick Thinking Saves the Day

Published: Monday, 16 June 2014 Written by Josie-Ann Le Blanc

Quick Thinking saves the Day

The food hid in their usual places when they heard the fridge door slowly creek open.  They closed their eyes tightly. Hoping and praying hat they would not be the next item to be removed from the refrigerator and be devoured.  To their surprise, something had been pit into the fridge instead of being removed.  As the door slammed shut, the groceries slowly opened their eyes and took a large gulp of air.  The air was salty! To their dismay, in front of them stood a Goya bottle of seasoning salt!

The vegetables, fruits, jams, cheeses and all the other foods in the fridge could not believe their eyes.  Salt did not belong in Sliver-based fridge village. It belonged in Stone cupboard community.  From the time that Goya the seasoning salt set foot in that fridge, they knew he was going to be trouble.  With every step Goya made, he left a long, thick trail of his yellow seasoning salt behind him.  To make matters worse, he did not really walk, but wobbled, shaking salt all over the fridge and making all the foods salty in the process.

Once, Craig the cucumber was walking too slowly.  He tripped over Chad the cube cheese and fell directly into the path of Goya.  Goya simply drowned Craig in salt and watched him in agonizing pain, until he shriveled to death.  Goya was getting out of hand! He was dirtying the village and murdering the people.  But what could they do? Finally, Brad the bottle of Bello Pepper had enough. He could take it no longer! He wanted a peaceful and tranquil village back!  He thought quickly and cunningly and then, with all his might, he lifted Benny the bottle of l water and dashed in unto Goya. Goya was no more!

The fruits, vegetables, jams, cheeses and all the food in Silver-based fridge praised Brad not only for his bravery and quick thinking but for bringing back their safe and free surroundings.  Yes, they had lost Craig and Benny, but they celebrated the rise of a new hero : Brad. As they were celebrating, the fridge opened and everyone froze in their tracks.  A hand went inside the refrigerator and then disappeared.  To their horror, that hand had dropped a bottle of Soya vegetable oil!


Josie-Ann Le Blanc

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