Consciously omitted from the throw (a response to A Stone's Throw by Elma Mitchell)

Published: Monday, 16 June 2014 Written by Gabrielle St. Hilaire

Consciously omitted from the throw     by Gabrielle St Hilaire


It began with our lust-


They grabbed her; sudden ambush from a sensual state

Grabbing, pulling, roughing her up

One of them stopped to look at me

With disgust?


Right in the middle of town

I followed

Stones in hand, they gathered

An audience waiting

I blended


I was mindful that it takes two

But I was being forgiven

Consciously omitted from the throw



She was the guilty one

She was the one dirty with sin

She was the harlot, the adulteress

In fearful shuddering skin


Suddenly he appeared,

And who did he think he was?

High and mighty- addressing them in a tone that was sure to get them both stoned

But they just stood still in silence

Dead silence heavy on my chest


I was just as guilty as she was

No! Where did that come from?


 Then one by one they left

Leaving her alone with him

Stones falling to the ground, a bittersweet sound


Oh how she was lucky- today

I wonder what my wife would say?

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