Stream of Consciousness- Doctor's Visit

Published: Wednesday, 02 April 2014 Written by Serena Fontaine


          They are all staring at me. I can feel it in the straight hairs on the back of my neck. If i ignore them I wonder if the feeling would go away. Probably not but I'm hungry and I need a distraction.
          The rumble in my stomach is so loud that I'm afraid that the person sitting next to me can hear it. What an annoying advertisement! Look at it showing off its delicious red lobster soaked in creamy sauce and salty fries at it side. Finally the scheduled program has returned!
          Oh wow. I've seen that episode before though I can't remember how it ends. I've been waiting for so long. When is it my turn? It's been so long since I've arrived. Has appointment lost all meaning? Patience is not my virtue and I need food now.
          HaHa. I need food now reminds me of this J.C.Wensworth advertisement when the people sang like vikings. "J.C.Wensworth 8-7-7-CASH NOW," is what they sang.
          H-el-lo...? He-llo...? Oh hello! Sorry but I was not listening. My mind was very far. Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah! Sorry, but it couldn't be helped. My butt hurts and LMFAO's song was fresh in my head. Isn't everything better with a random track? Not for you? Well it is for me.
          Food seems like a  distant dream now but I must hold on. I think they are almost ready for me. Stay open! My dearest eyes, why are your lids so heavy?
          Mmhmm.... I wonder what is that smell. Could it be fish or chicken or fish that smells like chicken? Oh yes! There is fish that smells like chicken. I remember it like it was yesterday. There I was sitting in class when this wonderful, chicken- like aroma infiltrated my nose. Lustful for chicken, I went to the canteen to purchase some only to find that there was no chicken;- it was fish! So believe me when I say fish is jealous of Chicken.
           One, two , three people are still before me. Time, why won't you move faster? It fees like I've been here forever. Excuse me but what did you say? Why, yes these are my real eyes. I think I got them from my mother's side.
           People are always commenting on my eyes. I don't complain but this one person said that they wanted to grab them and run away. Literally grab as in push their dirty hand into my fragile eye socket. Wouldn't you run for the hills at this comment? Especially when they say it is a compliment. Mt. Trois Piton please wait for me I'm on my way!
          Come on Serey. Don't make it obvious. Move real slowly so they don't notice. This ought to be the hundredth time I've wiggled in my seat. Where is the comfort in you, chair?
          Oh... So that's how this episode ends. Spongebob and Patrick did make up! Poor Squidward. The bubbles destroyed His House. Quite ironic isn't it but what ese would you expect? It's Spongebob after all.
          Hold my unicorn! Is that who I think it is. Please don't see me. Please don't see me. Oh shoot! He saw me. Fancy seeing you here... Not really. Yes I've missed you too... Lies! I've been meaning to call... Lord forgive my lies. What a doof! He actually believes I'm being genuine.
          I'm so lucky that he can't read my thoughts...or can he? Definitely not. He would have stopped talking by now if that was possible considering the thoughts I'm thinking right now.
          I never did like Doctor visits. Now I have another reason to add to my list. Why is he still taking? I do not care about your cat! Serena? Oh that's my name! they are ready for me. Praise the Lord!
          Like Mr.Whiskers, your cat, final word to you, annoying person that I didn't want to talk to, ... GOODBYE. And good riddance, might I so quietly add.
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