Mistaken Identity

Published: Thursday, 27 March 2014 Written by Gabrielle Henderson

The cold night breeze caused me to shiver, and I hugged my woolly jacket to my body to get warmer.  I walked quickly through the deserted streets, afraid of what might have been lurking in the shadows.  My public relations meeting had finished later than expected and I was left to walk home to the subway all alone.

 As I rounded the corner onto sixteenth Strait street, I came to a halt.  Through my peripheral vision, I noticed a dark figure crossing over to my side.  I turned around slowly, adrenaline pumping through my veins, preparing me for a flight or fight response.  Who I saw next caught me totally by surprise.  I stared at him wide-eyed, a bit terrified, but at the same time taking him in under the dim light of the lamppost overhead. The way his dishevelled, sandy brown hair hung low, framing his slim face, highlighting his warm blue eyes, and the way the crimson sweater he had on outlined that perfect chest of his sent a warmth through me.  I studied him a second more before I ran towards him, and leapt into his arms.  I held onto him so tightly, breathing in his familiar scent of cinnamon Altoids.  I could not believe that it was him, my Alex.  He had been missing for so long that I was beginning to fear the worst.

A few seconds passed before I realized that he was not responding to me.  I pulled back from him and looked up into his eyes which conveyed shock, with just a glint of anger.

“Miss, what on earth are you doing, who are you?” he questioned, his anger growing.

“Alex, it’s me, Sheridan, don’t you know who I am?” I asked, taken aback by his lack of recognition of me.

“Alex?” he sounded puzzled, “I’m not Alex.”

I looked at him closely, his eyes, the same deep shade of blue as Alex’s, but they lacked the emotion I was used to seeing.  This man was not my Alex.

“So if you are not Alex, then who are you?” I needed answers.

“My name’s Jayson,” he responded, “although I do have a twin brother named Alexander.  He lives over in Boston with his wife and kids.”

My heart stopped.  A wife?  And children too?  I could not believe my ears. I knew that Alex was from Boston, and this man was the splitting image of him.  His twin?  Why hadn’t he told me this?  Then, it hit me.  Alex was not the man I thought he was.  He was married, and had a family.  He wasn’t missing, he was home.  He had deserted me.

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