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Published: Monday, 27 January 2014 Written by Kael Benjamin

The Beginning of the End

The rush of adrenaline which pumped through my veins assisted in the slight light headiness I felt as I came off the yellow and blue striped bus. The silence which ensconced us as we walked with slow, measured determined steps to the stadium was overbearing. My eleven other team mates clothed in their luminous yellow jerseys and sky blue trousers seemed to be just as apprehensive as I was. This would be the game of our lives and we knew that our hard work was the only reason why we had made it through the finals.

The darkness of the large hallway which we were led through created an atmosphere of wonder among us. It was the first time Oklahoma  had ever reached to the finals. Walking in the same hallway in which many of our idols had walked was a gift in itself. The silence was so loud that I was able to hear the heartbeat of each player. Suddenly, we bent a sharp corner and a glimmering beam of light shone through one of the glass windows on the large metal door. Our coach who had been mute for the entire journey stopped us just in front the elephantine red door and turned shakily towards us and began to speak.

Our coach was a man if very few words, so the ‘gasp’ from the surprised players were left unnoticed by the coach. He spoke in a sonorous, powerful voice which captivated me yet caused shivers to run down my spine. Angrily he said “This championship is ours and we can either grab it or give it to Ohio!” His words although concise rang with meaning and played a large role in what happened next.

Energized, we walked into the stadium obdurate and ready for battle and deaf to any negativity from the crowd. A shot of pleasure coursed through me as the stadium seem to shake with the sound waves emanating from the cheering done by our fans. Blue and yellow banners upon banners decorated the stadium cheerfully with Oklahoma scribbled over most. Tears weld in my eyes as I caught sight of my father screaming loudly whilst waving a banner with my name upon it. My recent fear evaporated and seemed slightly comical when I looked around the stadium and saw Oklahoma fans jumping wildly. My ear drums threatened to burst with the constant chanting of my team’s name from the audience and I, admittedly felt overwhelmed. The smell of the fresh, green grass calmed me and helped to instill a feeling of belonging to the other great teams who had made it to the finals.

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