Importance of HFLE in our Lives

Published: Wednesday, 22 January 2014 Written by Selena Cuffy

Health Family Life Education            
High expectations for our generation        
Helping us to cope with daily trials        
Being strong and confident is vital

Developing body, mind and spirit          
Steady motivation, no reason to quit          
Life! A bundle of uncertainty               
But with H.F.L.E we will all be happy

Coping with stress and finding yourself         
Finding new friends and maintain your health    
Not just a subject but a guide    
A steady partner by your side
To mold you and shape a young lady
For adulthood and life you’ll be ready

The portfolios though many
May seem difficult and heavy
But the results are outstanding
Made only to brighten stars shining

Imagine a world with no self control
No love, no H.F.L.E, no peace with soul

Reflect on how lost and confused we'd be
H.F.L.E is so important don't you see
Embrace it, remeber the lessons brought
Don't be afraid to demonstrate the skills you got

Be Wise, Think twice and Remeber God is Love

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