Good-bye Miss Lloyd

Published: Tuesday, 17 December 2013 Written by Nakisa Severin

Once Upon a time there was a girl named Faith Bee who loved but was often abused by the most vicious Monster- Chemistry.

Faith Bee entered fourth form feeling rather terrified. She had heard awful tales about the “Legend of the Haunted Chemistry Book” and feared that it might consume her. She heard that this Chemistry book was difficult for the common mortal to comprehend and impossible to concur and defeat in combat.

There seemed to be no hope for little Faith Bee.

Little did she know that there was a brave Knight in shining armor prepared to save her. With a sugar coated exterior, this knight walked up to her, took her hand and guided her through the Haunted Forest of Chemicals, under the bridge of Volcanic Periodic Tables of Bloody Ions and through the Fires of the Most Diabolical Moles to get to where she is now.

Even though Faith Bee put her trust in the hands of a strange Knight, she still did not know who this Knight was or what the Knight wanted in return.

During COR, Faith Bee learnt a lot about the Knight. Her name was Tishena Lloyd and she was not just a wonderful Knight, but a wonderful friend, sister and a legendary teacher from the island of Fhlemine’s in lost Seas of Maxwell’s Corkscrew Rule.  

The Knight was humble, kind, caring and giving. The knight would not stop at anything when it came to helping and even though she will leave Faith Bee forever, the knight vowed that she will always be with her not just in her heart, but via Skype, Facebook, Twitter and hopefully YouTube.


The End

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