Review of "Made in Spain" a production of La Cour Des Art De La Dominique Inc

Published: Tuesday, 19 February 2013 Written by Daria Mitchell Sorhaindo

Review of “Made in Spain” a production of   La Cour Des Art De La Dominique Inc


“Made in Spain” written  by Tony Grounds , directed by Ashworth Simon “ Brong”, was  performed at the Arawak House of Culture in Dominica by La Cour Des Art De La Dominique Inc. on January 18 and 19, 2013.

The cast made up of four women came alive as each woman told her story and came into an awareness of her identity. Simon deftly chose his cast comprising of Shalina, the effervescent, optimistic Rosy who was everyone’s favourite; Merissa Gabory as Estelle, the no nonsense parvenu; Johanna Pierre, the regal Nigerian Tolla and Adahlia James, the naive socialite Jacqui.

Using a minimalist approach to the set, Simon had the four women dependent on their own acting skills. Set in England in the 1980’s, this foursome meet as strangers and leave as friends. Rosy’s English accent was almost true to life and this added to her endearing character. The women devoid of all society’s crutches- credit cards, rich husbands come into their independence in Spain, hence the title ‘Made in Spain’, to which they are banished by their husbands who have escaped them for a better life. The women from diverse walks of life, realise that they are indeed similar and move from enmity toward amity. Each comes into a knowledge of herself as well as her sisterhood.

These actors have immortalised the characters Rosy, Estelle, Tolla and Jacqui. There was a lot of talent displayed  in this production; the actors holding the audience captive in their ‘tete a tete’. Although it was  a play about women, the male audience would have taken delight in the vagaries of womanhood. The subtle nuances of English society were portrayed with a satirical smirk. Simon tried to bring these across to our Dominican audience, some of whom may have been a bit lost at the beginning, but after the first few hurdles, it was clear where we were heading and the sharp-witted English humour delighted both young and mature audiences.

Well done, we do look forward to another of La Cour Des Art De La Dominique Inc’s performances. 

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