Published: Tuesday, 20 November 2012 Written by Kasinda Fritz


 By Kasinda Fritz Form 1-1


The pain and the continuous weeping commenced,

Tears ran down my face,

 but they failed to understand

that their lashing of words were like swords,

Swords plunged into my weary heart.


The name calling:  stupid, ugly, fat.

 I wondered if this was a fact.

Am I really different from you?

Am I just trash on this world?


Then my memory went back,

To when I was a child,

The years of happiness,

The years of laughter,

And this was the result.

When you tore my prettiest dress,

That’s not all you tore apart.


Oh, how I wish this bullying would stop.

Because it’s the words that you say to me,

that determine my choice and thought.

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