A Man's Contemplation upon Life

Published: Saturday, 06 October 2012 Written by Shekina Moise

As I wipe the lonesome tear away
Only evidence of my despair

I won’t bring myself on knees to pray
Consumed by grief and fear

Displeased am I with what I’ve done
The story I’ve left behind

Disgusted with the man I’ve become
And the evils of my mind

The fakest of smiles will vanish
As soon as the door is shut

And in the fires my soul shall perish
For thus my sins have bought

Alas, the once-pretty mistresses
For whom with lust I was consumed

It is they who have left me bitterest
And secure they’ve sealed my doom

I turned my back on what was good
And sure to make me glad

The Sky is one mere shade of blue
And Hell’s colour drives one mad.

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